This Cat Ran Into A Burning House Five Times But What She Brought Out In Her Mouth Each Time, Will Break Your Heart.

She lived on the street and was raising five little kitties. She discovered shelter inside an abandoned garage and found it to be the best place to keep her kittens safe and protected from the outside elements.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be the elements inside the building that were the real threat. The derelict building was frequented by drug users and one day a fire ended up occurring inside the building. Scarlett and her five tiny kitties were now in serious trouble.

The kittens were crying. That’s what the firemen heard when they arrived. Then, what they saw was pretty shocking. Outside, the mother was present, her fur totally scorched and very much in pain. Beside her were all five of her kittens. It turns out she had to save each kitten, one by one.

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