What Does Your Birth Month Say About You

What Does Your Birth Month Say About You

We can understand the overall behavior of a person, their feelings and thoughts and how people perceive them if we know which is their birth month. These descriptions are closely related to the study of astrology and the readings are based on the alignment and positioning of the stars during the birth month.



People whose birth month is January are people with strong will and are pretty stubborn. They do not like to be told what to do. They make good leaders because they can endure a lot and have very strong urge to succeed in life. They do not want to listen to others’ advices and especially orders. They have inborn ability to teach people. These are people with strong ethic and are very blunt when telling their opinion to other people.


People that are born in February love getting into discussions, especially with people who also have something to say. They do not like people who are shallow.

These people are very imaginative and creative and enjoy working on new and interesting projects. They love to travel and visit different places, they would just jump on a plane or train and take the opportunity to explore new places and cultures. Adventures are the thing that makes them excited and thrilled, they make them feel alive, as well as the presence of other people who are also as open minded and dreamers like themselves. They value friendship and relationships in general a lot and are very loyal and honest as friends and partners too.


People born in march are pretty artistic and resourceful, but rather introvert and shy too. They like to express themselves through art and like being alone. They are always kind with other people, but secretive and hide their privacy from everyone. They have their own world in their head and create masterpieces in their minds. Peaceful environments make them calm and they always tend to stay away from noisy, crowded places.


People born in april do not like orders and being told what to do. They always want to have things their way and want to be leaders, not led. They like to be the center of the attention and like spending their time with many people you do pay them attention. They are adventurers, and they are in a way dependant on adrenaline. They can often be loud, even offensive, because they do not mind telling people what they think or feel. They do not pay much attention to their actions, and they usually act first and think later. They live day to day, without firm planes, because they want to see where life would take them.

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