Woman Waves To Bear, What It Did Next Is Hilarious!

Bears have a touch of a picture issue. For a considerable length of time, Stephen Colbert regarded them pagan killing machines.

In Werner Herzog’s Grizzly Man, one of those GKMs ate a gentleman since he was somewhat peckish.

To top it all off, Winnie the Poo is a tame nectar addict who doesn’t have the tolerability to wear pants. It’s not very late for them to roll out an improvement, however.

They have to play up the sensitivity and awwwwww cards. Polar bears have beaten sensitivity by skimming about on small ice sheets looking hungry yet honorable.

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Bear fledglings simply require a Morgan Freeman-voiced narrative, similar to March of the Completely Unthreatening Nonmurdery Bear Cubs. In the mean time, the bear in this video knows the basic force of a benevolent wave. Is the wave really bear code for ‘I WILL MAUL YOUR FACE!!?’ Probably. Until we know without a doubt, how about we wave at all bears. What could turn out badly?

WATCH:Woman Waves To Bear, What It Did Next Is Hilarious!

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