There has been a wave of protests across the nation in the wake of the election of Donald Trump, and there has also been quite a stark contrast in behavior among some of the protesters. While a good deal of protesters are content to let their voices be heard in a peaceful manner, others use it as an opportunity to cross the line into dangerous behavior.

As the Independent Journal Review reports, we have another example of a protester crossing the line. At a recent protest in front of the brand new Trump Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC, one person held up an absolutely appalling sign that contained only two words. Those words were “Rape Melania,” and the protester didn’t remove his sign until he was confronted by someone that took umbrage with it.

Protesters certainly have the right to have their voices heard, but when those voices shift into shouts and threats of violence, they are quickly drowned out and not taken seriously. That includes even attention-getting attempts like the sign holder from this incident, who clearly has a very warped interpretation on what is and isn’t acceptable.

To suggest harm on any woman – let alone the future First Lady – completely obliterates any possible line of human decency, and the protesters themselves may be taken more seriously if they quickly remove those that spew hateful speech from their midst.

Source: IJ Review
Photo: Flickr/Marc Nozell, The American Mirror

Protestor holds a horrific sign outside Trump Hotel.

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