Republicans who accept Donald Trump’s job offers could end up regretting their association with the administration, a former government official warned on Tuesday.

Eliot Cohen predicted in an op-ed for The Washington Post that those who serve the president-elect will “probably have to make excuses for things that are inexcusable and defend people who are indefensible.” Cohen was a lawyer for the State Department, under President George W. Bush, from 2007-09.

CNN reported that the former official previously encouraged his fellow Republicans to take positions in the new regime, even though he was affiliated with the conservative #NeverTrump movement. Despite his feelings about the president-elect, Cohen said he initially tried to “steer good people to an administration that understandably wanted nothing to do with the likes of me.”

However, after meeting with the president-elect’s transition team, Cohen had a change of heart. He tweeted: “Changed my recommendation. Stay away. They’re angry, arrogant, screaming ‘you LOST!’ Will be ugly.” Cohen revealed that an argument during the meeting resulted in one of his friends “seething with anger directed at those of us who had opposed Donald Trump.” He wrote that “the episode has caused me to change my mind about recommending that conservatives serve in the administration.”

“This was a tipping point,” the op-ed continued. “The tenor of the Trump team, from everything I see, read and hear, is such that … service in the early phase of the administration would carry a high risk of compromising one’s integrity and reputation.”

Source: CNN
Photo: Right Web

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