Adorable Little Girl Explains To Her Mom Why She ‘Won’t Eat Animals’ Anymore

Sometimes it is better not to think about the food you eat. The chicken and burgers we enjoy are – well, it comes from an animal. A lot of people choose to be vegetarians and avoid animal-based products. Growing up, it is a hard thing to learn – that the chicken you eat was once a living, breathing animal.

The little girl in this video has some news for her mother about eating meat (or chicken). She is not going to do it anymore! She will eat anything on the table except the meat. When her mother asks her why – she says it was an animal and that eating animals isn’t very nice. Her mother asks her about eating fish. Once she gets clarification that fish are animals, she declares she won’t eat fish either!

Take a look at this video

The tear streaked face and puppy dog eyes show that this young girl is unhappy and has made up her mind! Share away, people!

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