90-Year-Old Forced Back To Work To Pay For Medical Bills Has Life Changed By Strangers

90-Year-Old Forced Back To Work To Pay For Medical Bills Has Life Changed By Strangers

When Joel Cervantes Macias met an ice cream street vendor in Chicago, who was selling sweets for years earning about $50-60 a day, he knew he needed to help. The elderly street vendor who is 89-years-old struggles to make ends meet as he still goes out to earn his $50.

But Macias knew he needed to do something when he was the elderly man, Fidencio Sanchez, pushing his cart because the sight broke his heart. Sanchez is seen in the photo with his back bent pushing his cart through the hot sun and back alleys of Chicago seeking money.

Because Macias is social media savvy, he and his friend started a GoFundMe account for the old man in order to help raise money so he doesn’t have to work again in his life. The result was staggering…

Because Sanchez and his wife recently lost their daughter and his wife had become ill, he was forced to come out of retirement in order to earn some money to pay for bills.

Macias wanted to help the man so he created the webpage on Thursday with the goal of raising $3,000. But by Sunday, he had taken in more than $100,000 to help the old man who dedicated his life to selling frozen treats to kids.

After first meeting the man, Macias snapped the viral photo of Sanchez and shared it to Facebook with the caption: “I respect this man to the fullest! #workflow #dyingbreed #mexicano #migente.”

Although the 89-year-old had retired a few months ago, he was forced back into work when his daughter died in July.

On the day Macias saw Sanchez struggling to push the cart, he bought $50 worth of frozen treats to help the man out.

Although the Gofundme account had a goal of $3,000 more than 6,800 people chipped in raising a total of $148,000 in a matter of days…

Sanchez learned about the fundraising on Saturday morning at his church.

Macias is a Mexican restaurant owner who grew up in Chicago but now resides in Wisconsin.

Gustavo Gutierrez, the supplier of Sanchez’s frozen treats cart told the man about the fundraiser and said he is “taking it with a lot of love.”

“He wants to continue. Which is great in terms of spirit, but we’re concerned, of course, that something could happen to him. So we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for him.”

Sanchez’s wife used to help him sell the treats, but since she is very sick, he is forced to do it alone now.

On Monday, Macias plans to give the money over to the elderly man and his wife. Sanchez is overwhelmed with all the money. Since he is used to just $50-60 per day, this is like hitting the lottery for him.

But the old man is generous at heart. And he plans to donate a large chunk of the cash to churches in Mexico and Chicago. Plus, he will give some money to his grandchildren.

Sanchez also plans on using the money to retire from his street vendor career since it is not easy being outside in the elements for the 89-year-old.

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