5-year-old finds her mother lifeless in the pool. What the security camera catches next, you’ll never believe.

Being a kid usually entails a large and beautiful lack of responsibility, especially back when you were only five-years-old, but that’s sadly not always the reality.

For Tracy Anderwald’s daughter Allison the time to act like an adult came much sooner than expected; her mother passed out while she was swimming.

Summer days are hot, so to take a break from the heat and to have a little fun at the same time Tracy and her daughter decided to take a swimming break in a friend’s pool. Unfortunately Tracy suffered a seizure while she was in the water and soon blacked out – facedown.

Little 5-year-old Allison manages to step up to the plate and shine, taking no time at all to head out and drag her mother back to the edge and flipping her over so she can breathe.


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