Two-year-old Deacon has only one thing on his mind on Friday. He is waiting to see his best friend named O Dee. However, O Dee isn’t a child or an adult Deacon has met at daycare. He is the friendly garbage collector who works in the family’s neighborhood every week at the same time.

Deacon’s family is moving because their family is growing. The 2-year-old doesn’t really understand this. What he understands is that he won’t get to see his best friend anymore because O Dee won’t be working in their new neighborhood.

Since things are changing, Deacon needs to say goodbye to his long-time best friend. His mom decided to arrange a special moment with O Dee and filmed the heartfelt farewell.

The video shows Deacon and his family getting ready to move into a new, larger home. However, before they leave, they want to throw a goodbye party for O Dee.

When a male reporter asks the boy “Who is your best friend?” Deacon answers: “O Dee!”

“I think this is Deacon’s first friend. That he really understands what friendship is,” Deacon’s mother explains to the media. That’s why she planned the party so the boy and his best friend can say their goodbyes.

When his friend O Dee jumps off the back of the garbage truck, the 2-year-old shouts with joy. Deacon may not fully understand that he’ll likely never see O Dee again, but the garbage man and best friend won’t be forgotten because Deacon already has a name picked out for his new little brother – O Dee!

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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