This 12-year-old girl died a month ago. The letter that her parents found shortly after, is…

What seemed like a flu, proved to be something far worse. 12-year-old Taylor Smith was all ready for High School. She then caught a cold one day and everything changed.

She had your usual symptoms: sore throat, and some aches in pains, particularly in her legs.


Taylor was not recovering like one normally would with a bout of the flu. So her parents took her in to see a doctor, but even he was unable to determine what was going on.


The parents tried nursing Taylor back to health. They fed her soup, ice cream, and medicines. It seemed by now she would be able to recover, or at least feel better. But it wasn’t the case.


January 5th, 2014 was the day that Taylor passed away, devastating her family and everyone around her. How could it be? It seemed as if she simply had a bad cold. Doctors would finally conclude that indeed it was a lung infection that caused an early life exit for Taylor.

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